Chief of Staff, Operations

As the Operations Chief of Staff, you will play a pivotal role in the success of Ruggable by supporting the highest priority initiatives and projects for the Operations team. You will help the Head of Operations identify, organize and respond to complex business challenges. You will work closely with leadership across the company and have a front row seat as we usher Ruggable into the next phase of growth. The Chief of Staff role is rotational in nature, and the opportunity will serve as a launching pad for future leadership within the Operations team or elsewhere at Ruggable.

What You’ll Do:

Guide Operations team priorities and strategy:

  • Support the Head of Operations in developing short-term and long-term strategy and corresponding priorities
  • Ensure the Operations team has clarity into Ruggable’s goals
  • Perform ad-hoc strategic analyses to size and prioritize opportunities
  • Facilitate organization within the Operations team such that time, information and decision-making are more effective
  • Create project management plans and tracking tools to ensure successful and timely completion of projections
  • Keep an ear to the ground to identify areas of improvement and/or solve for pain points across the Operations team

Lead special projects:

  • Support a variety of mission-critical projects and initiatives to further highest priorities for the Operations team and Ruggable
  • Ensure the success of new product launches and expansions into international markets
  • Work cross-functionally with Marketing, Product, People, Legal and Finance, ensuring change management takes hold across the organization


Support internal and external executive communications:

  • Support the Head of Operations in recruiting key leadership positions
  • Facilitate the organization and execution of Operations team and company-wide communications
  • Organize and execute materials for Board of Directors meetings
  • Support development of ad hoc investor materials
  • Prepare content to help facilitate executive decision-making sessions

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