Director of Marketing

The Founder / CEO is looking to add an experienced and passionate individual to work alongside the small team. The Vice President of Marketing is responsible for owning, developing, and implementing digital marketing solutions for the organization. You will be responsible for developing the consumer marketing strategy, including media buying, consumer research and segmentation, positioning and messaging, content and communications strategy, incentives and promotions, and awareness, acquisition, engagement, and retention programs. This is a chance to get in at the ground floor of a quickly growing ecommerce startup at a very exciting time. Responsibilities include –


  • Define and execute integrated customer acquisition strategy across digital media and marketing
  • Lead marketing analytics efforts for all online and offline marketing programs to quantify impact of program effectiveness to drive acquisition
  • Analyze data and provide recommendations on media spend across channels
  • Manage and continually improve customer acquisition cost and conversion
  • Manage employees, partnerships, agencies, freelance, and part-time resources associated with marketing activities (e.g., content creation, email marketing/messaging, blog/SEO) to develop and implement initiatives and integrated strategy deployment
  • Curate data (A/B tests) for competitive levers, PR, customer levers, price/product levers, and interviews/surveys and set roadmap for implementation of findings
  • Create and/or manage media campaigns in search (e.g., Google/Bing text & shopping ads)
  • Create and/or manage social media campaigns (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Work with team to develop and execute promo/content calendar across all platforms (e.g., website, social, ads, email, PR)
  • Communicate regularly with executive board and C-suite on customer acquisition strategy, customer lifecycle analytics, and marketing initiatives from ideation to implementation
  • Note: This role reports directly to the CEO and strong performers have the potential to grow into senior leadership or C-suite roles

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