Head of Operations and Supply Chain – D2C Ecommerce portfolio

Role: Head of Operations and Supply Chain

This is a full time role based out of Mumbai working directly with the Founders.

As the Head of Operations and Supply Chain, you will be accountable to lead the ecommerce operations & supply chain and provide insights which will help in increasing efficiency and facilitating greater profits.

In this role, you will also have to manage the flow of tasks involved in the supply chain and logistics, such as order fulfilment, procurement, warehousing and transporting.


  • Strategy and planning: The candidate will assist the top-management in developing operations strategy for effectively scaling the supply side of the business
  • Drive cross functional projects to deliver business value for the team; be part of projects involving new feature definition to improve processes and reduce cost
  • Lead continuous cost reduction projects, evaluate supplier competencies and achieve competitive pricing
  • Evaluate supplier proposals and drive price negotiations to drive down COGS
  • Closely work with cross functional teams and lead vendor evaluation and selection process for all manufacturing needs
  • Maintain sustainable relations and performance with all existing vendor partners and execute sourcing plans and negotiation strategies
  • Perform analysis on procurement trends and come up with alternative strategies for sourcing raw materials and identify new potential vendor partners
  • Identify challenges and risks in supply chain by analysing global trends of material availability and execute strategies to mitigate risks early in the product development cycle

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