Portfolio Company Head of Pricing

Guild Capital and its portfolio companies are looking for a Head of Pricing based in Chicago or Los Angeles. This person would be responsible for developing and executing the global pricing strategy for a fast-growing, DTC brand, through collaboration with Sales, Marketing, Operations and Finance leaders. The role is responsible for continuously enhancing the pricing process to customers, which will result in increased sales and profit for the organization.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop pricing strategy across various product lines to position the products based on value and competitive situation
  • Develop methodology for calculating list price, price floor, price ceiling for various product lines within various market segments in relation to the value
  • Identify leakage buckets within price waterfall and find ways to increase profit
  • Develop price band analysis and find ways to improve profit
  • Work with sales, management and product managers to implement the Price changes into the market
  • Develop reports to track & monitor the pricing projects and associated activities on various product lines and market segments.
  • Develop tools for estimating cost for quotes for new products
  • Develop value pricing model and implement it for all new products
  • Be a subject matter expert for all things related to pricing
  • Perform business analysis, market analysis and support executive decision making



To apply, email us argyleteam@argylesp.com with the company name + job title.

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