Product & Innovation Manager

The Product & Innovation Manager will be responsible for driving the Product Roadmap and determining where we should be spending our time. Should we be investing in new categories? Should we be expanding existing categories? Do we need to improve or cut the products we already have? These are all questions the Product & Innovation Manager will answer on a regular basis, and the answers to these questions will fundamentally steer the business.

A successful Product & Innovation Manager will be highly analytical and ROI-driven in identifying potentially attractive opportunities for both new and existing product offerings. Specifically, they will build out the strategy for each of our existing product categories, while continuously evaluating new opportunities, and overseeing the execution of both. A successful Product & Innovation Manager will also be an exceptional teammate, leveraging the expertise of our Marketing and Operations teams to ensure we’re making the best product decisions for the business. Finally, a successful Product & Innovation Manager will understand how to balance data with intuition, and will be energized by making important decisions.

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