Strategic Product Marketing Manager

We are currently seeking a Strategic Product Marketing Manager to drive key strategic initiatives, including new product launches and executive-facing analyses. The role will have a healthy mix of strategic and execution-oriented tasks in support of important initiatives. This role needs a detail-oriented, analytical, strategic and creative thinker who is driven by data, is goal-oriented, and has a passion for working in a fast-paced environment. Your work will be cross-functional and involve multiple stakeholders including the product, E-commerce, creative, and paid media teams in addition to the senior executive team.

What You’ll Do:

New Product Strategy:

  • Identify opportunities and drive strategic decisions related to new product and consumer-facing initiatives, including product merchandising, value messaging, customer acquisition/retention, pricing, etc.
  • Conduct research (e.g. customer surveys) and market analyses (e.g., competitive review) to identify opportunities for the marketing team
  • Run data-driven analysis to deliver actionable insights in support of strategic goals
  • Synthesize insights from quantitative and qualitative data and present to multiple stakeholders
  • Help develop frameworks, models, tools, and processes to ensure data influences decisions for all marketing teams

New Product Launch:

  • Manage multiple concurrent strategic product launch initiatives, managing and executing on new product strategy throughout the entire product lifecycle, from opportunity identification to launch
  • Coordinate stakeholders across all cross-functional teams involved in a new product launch, including Product (physical), E-Commerce (digital product), Brand/Creative, Paid -Media, Retention, and Data/Insights
  • Maintain a detailed launch plan and coordinate execution across teams to deliver launches on time (with a willingness to get your hands dirty when necessary)
  • Develop KPIs and relevant metrics to identify potential issues and measure success, setting up new processes and systems from scratch when relevant
  • Adjust marketing approach for the product based on early results

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