VP of Operations

As a part of the Executive Management team, the VP of Operations will work directly with the founder and assume a strategic role in company management

 The VP of Operations will be responsible for planning, implementing, and managing day-to-day operations for the company including but not limited to:

  • Establishing and managing a data-driven operational strategy to scale the business
  • Identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness across operations
  • Becoming an expert in and helping to quantify the needs of operations across the business
  • Setting up best practices across support functions including finance and HR
  • Optimizing the supply chain and developing new manufacturing techniques

The VP of Operations will work closely with the founder to define the company’s business development and sales strategy for 10x growth in 3-5 years

A strong performer will be given the opportunity to own additional, growing segments of business analysis, including, but not limited to: data science, business insights and analytics, etc.

 Note: This role reports directly to the CEO and strong performers have the potential to grow into senior leadership or C-suite roles

To apply, email us argyleteam@argylesp.com with the company name + job title.

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