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Los Angeles Online men’s grooming subscription business

Director of
Data Analytics

Build a dedicated cross-functional data analytics team to drive strategic and operational insights at a fast growing mid-stage e-commerce business

Chicago $600M+ food-tech company

People Analytics

Drive analytical insights to improve organizational efficiency and morale for a leading meal kits business

Los Angeles Online men’s grooming subscription business

Special Projects Manager, Marketing

Design and implement cross-platform marketing initiatives and growth hacks at a fast growing mid-stage e-commerce business

Chicago Women’s health subscription e-commerce

Director, Operations

Build a high performance operations function for an early stage business in the women’s menstrual health space

Chicago Multiple positions across early stage e-commerce businesses

Director, Finance

Join the strategic finance teams of fast growing early to mid-stage e-commerce startups in Los Angeles

Client Testimonials

“Argyle is committed to understanding your skill set and career goals and delivering opportunities based on your best wishes. It was refreshing to work with someone who is focused on helping you find the right thing and not just the first thing. Argyle is extremely personable, punctual and truly a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help in taking their career to the next level.”

“I most appreciated the opportunity to connect with professionals of a similar background and expand my network within the Guild family, which was done entirely by Argyle. I can think of very little Argyle could have done differently or better during the process of joining my new role.”

“It’s really exciting to be working in a pleasant environment with a great leadership team. I can’t imagine another role that would be such a great fit for me. Argyle works in a very intuitive manner. I appreciate that the whole team was highly invested in supporting me to make the right decision for myself.”

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with the founder, which gave me the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount very quickly. I feel that I am provided the opportunity to take ownership and run with my ideas in a fast-paced environment with a ‘get-it-done’ attitude.”

“For somebody who had no connections to the tech firms and recruiting scene in Chicago having an ally in Argyle made the search so much easier. Argyle was able to help me navigate the process from start to finish, guided me through the big and small questions, and most importantly - cared about what I really wanted to do.”

“Patience is not a word that comes to mind when I think of recruiters. In a business that rewards volume, it was a pleasure to work with a company that focuses on quality instead of quantity. I was particularly impressed with Argyle's dedication. Argyle is available day and night to their clients, they are there to answer questions and connect. Argyle is personable, patient, and dedicated, and I would strongly recommend.”

“Recruiting after a couple of years in consulting is often a little bit nerve-wracking, but Argyle was great about explaining the opportunities they were looking to fill and walking me through the process. They were very supportive and easy to talk to throughout the process -- I'd recommend anyone looking to explore opportunities in the startup world at least get in touch and get their perspective.”

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